Back row from the left: Jimmy , Cliff , Jerry

Sale of shares in 2013

What Happened?
Hi Parents, if you have realised that I suddenly disappeared in June 2013, what happened was that I sold my shares of Intellicat to Jerry and Jimmy. As for why this site is still up and operational, it is because Intellicat has yet to pay my director's salary between Feb 2013 to April 2013. Hence, the website rights are still held by me. I'm pursuing this matter and have logdged a filing with small claims tribunal in Subordinate Courts Singapore.

Parents who are interested in quality science tution.
For those parents who knew me while I was still a shareholder in Intellicat 2013, can reach me at 8777-8515 if they are seeking tuition.

I have removed all the links to this page, hence its normal that all the pages will not load.